Eligibility for resource sharing

To be eligible for resource sharing, a patron must be in good standing, which is here defined as:

  • having a current account at their home library and
  • not owing more than $5 in fines to any individual Linn Library.

Restrictions on borrowing

The following types of items may not circulate to patrons of other libraries:

  • Certain kits (identified by circulation modifier BIGKIT).
  • Equipment (identified by circulation modifier EQUIPMENT).

Additionally, each member library may identify certain types of materials that may not be borrowed by borrowers from other libraries.  These will preferably be identified by circulation modifier (such as the new LocalOnly circ modifier), but may also be identified by shelving location or item age.


Patrons may typically renew items borrowed from a library other than their home library at least once, unless the item is needed to fulfill a hold elsewhere in the consortium.

If extenuating circumstances exist, a borrower's home library and an item's owning library are empowered to grant additional renewals to a resource sharing patron. If the borrower's home library grants such a renewal, they should contact the owning library to apprise them of the situation.

Fines and fees

Each loan is subject to the circulation rules of the owning library, including replacement costs, fines, fees.

Return locations

Any item returned to and checked in at any Linn Libraries Consortium member by the end of the loan period will be considered to have been returned on time.