The following policies apply to all records except temporary catalog records (e.g. course reserves and on-order records) and records for equipment (e.g. phone chargers, bike locks).

Required Fields

  • 020 $a (ISBN), if available

  • 100 $a (Main entry author), if available

  • 245 $a Title proper

  • 260 $a,$b,$c (Publication information), if an AACR2 record

  • 264 $a,$b,$c (Publication information), if an RDA record

  • 300 $a (Extent), if a book (number of pages) or a DVD (playing time)

  • 490, if an item is part of a series and a work of fiction

  • 600, 610, 650, or 651 (Subject heading), if the item is a work of non-fiction

  • 800 or 830, if the item is part of a series and a work of fiction


Subject Authority Control

Records for non-fiction works must include at least one subject heading from the Library of Congress Authority File .  Additional subject headings may come from any appropriate authority file (e.g. Sears, Bilindex), or may be uncontrolled if placed in a 653 field.


Descriptive Standards

Linn Libraries Consortium recognizes the growing importance of RDA cataloging.  RDA bibliographic records are preferred, but AACR2 records are also acceptable.  

245 fields must contain proper ISBD capitalization and punctuation.  


Cataloging Improvements

Catalogers may improve records created by other consortium members.  However, data in 5xx and 999 fields may not be deleted.  Care should be taken when deleting 6xx fields.

Deleting Bibliographic Records

Catalogers should exercise caution when deleting bibliographic records, as they may be in use by other libraries in the consortium.  Catalogers are encouraged to check who created and last modified a record, and when these events occured, before deleting a record.

Local Call Numbers

Some libraries may wish to add their own local call numbers to a bibliographic record (e.g. writing "Fiction" instead of "811".)  Catalogers may add local call numbers to a bibliographic record, but may not delete any call numbers that were already present in the record.